Dr. Javier Francisco-Ortega Attends International Seminar and Delivers Talk in the Canary Islands

Saturday, November 30, 2013

FIU-Fairchild Faculty Dr. Javier Francisco-Ortega has been invited by the Museum of Natural Sciences of Tenerife (Canary Islands) to deliver an oral presentation to the "Seminario Internacional Historia Natural de la Macaronesia" (21 - 22 November, 2013. His talk was entitled "Plant Hunting in the Canary Islands by British Botanists during the 17th and 19th Centuries". During this visit to the Canary Islands Dr. Francisco-Ortega also was invited by the Catedra UNESCO para la Conservacion de ...

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Director of Herbarium of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas Delivers Talk at Fairchild

Monday, November 11, 2013

Amanda Neill Director of the Herbarium of the Botanical Research Institute of Texas visited Fairchild on November 11. Amanda Neill delivered a talk entitled "A Floristic Survey of the Hellshire Hills & Goat Islands, Jamaica". During her visit Amanda was hosted by FIU-Fairchild faculty Javier Francisco-Ortega and Fairchild Herbarium Curator Brett Jestrow. She came with the Director of the Forth Worth Zoo Mike Fouraker. Amanda and Mike are leading a project pertinent to iguana conservation in ...

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Dr. Hong Liu is Invited to Deliver Presentation at Peking University

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Dr. Hong Liu (FIU-Fairchild Faculty) was invited on Oct 30, 2013 to give a presentation titled "Assisted Colonization: why is this new biodiversity conservation measure so controversial and can it work for Chinese endangered species?" in the College of Life Sciences, Peking University. Peking University is the most prestigious university in China. Her presentation was taped and archived by the Library of Peking University for future viewing by students and faculty members of Peking ...

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UNESCO Professor Dr. David Bramwell Visits Fairchild and Botanical Institutions of Miami

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Between October 14-15, Dr. David Bramwell, UNESCO Professor for Plant Biodiversity Conservation in the Macaronesian Islands and West Africa (UNESCO Center Gran Canaria) at the Canary Islands visited us. Prof. Bramwell is a widely recognized authority on biodiversity and conservation of island plants. Before his appointment at UNESCO he was the Director of the Botanic Garden Viera y Clavijo (Gran Canaria) where he led one of the most successful programs for plant taxonomy and conservation ...

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Botanists from Miami and the Dominican Republic Perform Plant Exploration in the Dominican Republic

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Supported by a gift by Dr. Lin Lougheed (through Montgomery Botanical Center) a team of botanists and horticulturists from the National Botanic Garden of the Dominican Republic (Mr. Teodoro Clase), Montgomery Botanical Center (Dr. Chad Husby), and Fairchild (Mr. Jason Lopez and Dr. Brett Jestrow) performed extensive field work across the Dominican Republic between 7-17 October. The main aim of this project was to collect material for the living collections of these three botanic gardens. ...

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Director of Cayes Botanic Garden Visits Fairchild and Botanical Institutions of Miami

Friday, October 18, 2013

Between October 17-20, William Cinea, Director of the Botanic Garden of Cayes (Haiti) visited us. During this visit he was hosted by Dr. Javier Francisco-Ortega (FIU-Fairchild Faculty). The main aim of this visit was to review the results of a project pertinent to conservation biology of the Critically Endangered palm Pseudophoenix lediniana. This species is restricted to a single population in southern Haiti and it is being funded by the Mohamed Bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund. During ...

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Students from Coral Reef High School Join the Molecular Lab

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Danielle Coogan and Rachel Matthews from Coral Reef High School (Miami-Dade) are learning DNA skills in the FIU-FTBG Plant Molecular Systematics Laboratory located in the Science Village. They are being mentored by FIU-Fairchild Ph.D. candidate Emily Warschefsky (FIU major professor Eric Von Wettberg) and are developing a project centered on molecular phylogenetics of mango (Mangifera spp. (Anacardiaceae)). Image below from left to right: Danielle Coogan, Rachel Matthews, and Emily ...

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Director of Herbarium of Jardín Botánico de Puerto Rico Conducts Research in the Fairchild Herbarium and Library

Friday, September 13, 2013

Prof. Eugenio Santiago-Valent n (Director of the Herbarium of the Jard n Bot nico de Puerto Rico and Faculty of the Departamento de Biolog a de Universidad de Puerto Rico, Campus of R o Piedras, San Juan) is visiting (Sept, 1st - 14th) the Fairchild herbarium and library to perform research on taxonomy and nomenclature of several species from Puerto Rico. Prof. Santiago-Valent n's visit is supported by the Center for Applied Ecology and Conservation of...

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Eric Von Wettberg Receives Support from the National Science Foundation

Friday, September 6, 2013

Fairchild researcher and FIU faculty member Eric von Wettberg and his colleagues Doug Cook and Varma Penmetsa at the University of California at Davis were recently awarded an NSF grant for a project entitled: "Deducing the Genomic Footprint and Functional Impact of Chickpea Domestication on Nitrogen Fixation." In this project they aim to understand the dynamics of nitrogen uptake via symbiotic bacteria in the wild progenitors of legume crops and the ways in which human selection has ...

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Director of Museum of Natural History of Jamaica Performs Research at the Science Village

Monday, August 26, 2013

Supported by a grant from the Mohamed Bin Zayed Species Conservation Fund, Mrs. Tracy Commock (Director of the Natural History Museum of Jamaica - Institute of Jamaica) is conducting research on the systematics of the Jamaican endemic genus Dendrocousinia (Euphorbiaceae) between August 25 and September 15. Mrs. Tracy Commock is the Principal Investigator of this project. The research is being performed in the FIU-Fairchild Molecular Systematics and the Fairchild Anatomy and Morphology...

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